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(972) 815-4082 | parts@hollman.com
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5-Pin Lock Cut Keys (5-Pack)
Hollman Parts Store

5-Pin Lock Cut Keys (5-Pack)

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Sold in packs of 5

Authorized buyer verification required for this item.

Serves as replacement/extra keys for your 5-pin locks.

To Order:

  1. Add item to cart.
  2. At checkout, provide the 4-digit codes for each key. You can do this in one of two ways:
    1. When checking out from YOUR CART page, use the ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS form provided near the bottom. Please enter your codes. Separate each 4-digit code with a comma (i.e. 4694, 7352, 1235) and specify how many of the (5-pack) keys you would like to dedicate to that lock/code (i.e. 2 x 4694, 1 x 7352, 3 x 1235).
    2. E-mail an Excel spreadsheet containing the 4-digit code engraved on each key(s) or cam(s) located at the back of the lock(s) to parts@hollman.com
  3. Call the Hollman Parts Department at (972) 815-4082 for authorized buyer verification.

Please note; this item is sold in packs of five (5) only. If you provide fewer than five (5) 4-digit codes, the remaining keys will be sent uncut. Likewise, if you provide more than five (5) 4-digit codes, we will use the first five (5) in the list. If you wish to cut more than five (5) keys you will need to order multiple packs of five (5). Thank you!



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