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Ferrari Door Hinge (10-Pack)

Ferrari Door Hinge (10-Pack)

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The Ferrari hinge was predominantly used in Hollman products from 2003-2012. 


  • Concealed hinge and plate with 110 º opening angle
  • Available in several other angle openings
  • Tool-free hinge to base plate connection and removal
  • 3-dimensional camb adjustment, (side, depth and height)
  • Stamped steel arm cup and base plate
  • Excellent durability
  • Tested to the highest standards in the world
    • 80,000 cycle testing
    • Salt spray testing for corrosion resistance
  • Patented “Anyway Clip” system
    • Easier clip on and adjustment for taller doors with several hinges
    • Safety feature against accidental release of hinge and plate
    • Largest available adjustments
    • Patented symmetrical base plates for faster installation

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